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This is a list of other groups and organizations doing related work.

Doteveryone (a UK think tank) also maintains an Ethical Tech Initiatives Directory, which has a broader scope than this page.

Ethics-specific projects

Name Location Description A pledge by tech companies and professionals to oppose the use of technology to enable human rights abuses. Malmö, Sweden A privately created manifesto for ethical web and software design.
Ethics in Design & Tech "We’re a grassroots coalition developing a modern Code of Ethics for our industry." Unclear what industry or who is involved.
Ethics for Designers A toolkit for designers to "incorporate ethics into their design process."


Name Location Description
Time Well Spent "Time Well Spent is a movement to stop technology platforms from hijacking our minds, and to start putting our best interests first." Currently raising money to hire staff and build advocacy programs.

Design agencies and studios emphasizing social good

Name Location Description

Academic and research institutions

Name Location Description
Value-Sensitive Design research lab at University of Washington

Organizations addressing social enterprises and social responsible business (not specific to design)

Name Location Description
Conscious Capitalism