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While we aim to protect the individual interests of the users of this website, we make no guarantees about the privacy or confidentiality of information you submit to this website or to related services, such as our Slack group. We invite suggestions as to how the privacy and other rights of users can be better protected.

Data you submit to this website. This website is a public wiki. You should assume that any and all information you submit to this website will be publicly available on the Internet. Although your email address and account preferences are not publicly visible by default, we cannot guarantee the security of this data. Please follow best practices for email address and password usage; this includes using a strong and unique password.

Web analytics. In order to improve this website, we may use third-party web analytics services to monitor the usage of this website. This includes using cookies to collect data about your activity on this website.

Third-party services. We will attempt to be conservative in sharing data between systems and services. In order to improve the quality and reliability of this website, we may share data with third parties, including but not limited to web analytics services, data backup services, and Slack. The privacy of this data is subject to the policies of those service providers, and we do not assume responsibility for the enforcement of those policies.

Administrators. This is a volunteer-run website. We may give volunteers partial or full access to any of the accounts and services associated with this website, including the data held by those services.

As of August 26, 2017, we use the following third-party services. We may use additional services, even if this list is not updated.

  • Google Analytics, for web analytics, only for users who are not logged in to the wiki
  • Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Forms for the discussion group sign-up form
  • Slack, for our discussion group
  • Wikimedia Foundation: The MediaWiki software periodically sends "pingbacks" to containing basic information to help its developers improve the software.
  • MyWikis, for their hosted Parsoid service, which processes all content submitted or drafted in the WYSIWYG editor on this wiki.
  • WebFaction, for website and database hosting