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Ethical Technology, Ethical Design is a group for discussion on ethical practice in design and technology. Many of us are designers, developers, managers, and technology professionals who want to see technology used for good. Currently, the members skew towards digital design and technology, but this is not limited to the digital domain.

This can only be successful as a collaboration across many disciplines. We invite designers, developers, engineers, product managers, business leaders, and scholars across all industries to join us.

Topics (examples)

Topics of discussion include:

  • What is ethical design? How do ethics apply to design and technology?
  • What approaches and methods can help us practice ethical design?
  • How can we address the challenges and barriers for ethical practice in our workplaces?
  • How can our professional communities better organize, educate, and advocate for ethical practice?
  • Do we need codes of ethics, and what would they look like?
  • Discussions on specific areas such as healthcare and artificial intelligence
  • Books and articles we're reading
  • Books and articles we're writing
  • ...what would you like to talk about?

How the group works—and the Code of Conduct

  • This group is meant to be a welcoming, inclusive, and safe place. All participants are expected to help maintain this environment, remain mindful of their actions and language, and follow group guidelines before sharing any information outside the group. As a participant, please review the Code of Conduct.
  • This group is an informal democracy. The purpose, structure, and agenda are set by its members. We're counting on you to make suggestions, champion new ideas, and share your thoughts on what would make this a better community.

Tips on using Slack

If you're new to Slack, the following tips might be helpful:

  • Joining channels: In addition to the default channels in the sidebar, there are more channels that aren't visible until you join them. To see the full list of channels, click/tap on Channels or the plus (+) sign next to the word "Channels" (depending on the platform).
  • Notifications: Slack has a variety of ways to customize the notifications you receive, overall and by channel/topic.
  • Mark unread: Open the message menu (long press, or menu icon) to mark a message as unread or set a reminder.
  • Formatting: See Formatting Messages for instructions on italics, boldface, bullets, and blockquotes.
  • Line breaks: To write multiple lines/paragraphs in a message, press Shift+Enter for a carriage return.

Contacting an administrator

You can reach Dan Zollman at dan [at] danzollman.com or via direct message in Slack.

You can also view a list of all administrators at: https://ethicaltechnology.slack.com/account/team